Eva Knoll

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Eva Knoll is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education. Eva Knoll's current academic work consists of research into the mathematical elements of craft, design and visual art practices, with an emphasis on the potential application in mathematics education. In particular, she is currently leading a research group composed of a mathematician, a textile scholar, two schoolteachers, an archivist and herself. Their work is focusing on an exploration of the mathematical thinking inherent in the design, creation and appreciation of textiles. Topics include:
  • Geometry: symmetries and transformations, groups in geometry, topology
  • Number sense and patterns in numbers
  • Diagrams and their effective creation and use for communication both in mathematics and art making

Other Research and Teaching Interests

  • Mathematical Research Situations in the Classroom (RSC)
  • Research experience in pure mathematics as a learning context
  • Affect in mathematics learning
  • Creativity in and outside education
  • Interdisciplinary/integrated teaching
  • Mathematics in visual art and in crafts
  • Arts in mathematics


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