Circular Origami: a Survey of Recent Results

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Knoll, Eva
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A.K Peters
Introduction: For many years now, I have been studying systems of constraints in different design media. These studies in turn fuel my own creativity and inspire me to produce artwork and theoretical papers in both art and mathematics. My inspiration comes from many different media, including Islamic tiling, Celtic interlace, Japanese paper folding traditions, modern art, particularly the Constructivist and Concrete movements, even natural phenomena and effects of perception. In this particular instance, I will report on my experience sofar using circular paper for Origami. This paper was deliberately separated into three sections, starting with a short chronology of the discoveries I made in circular Origami. The middle part of the paper describes the mathematics that I derived from these explorations. Finally, the last part reports on the results achieved in mathematics education through the use of my discoveries and products derived from them.
Origami , Art and Mathematics , Mathematics
Knoll, E. (2002b). Circular Origami: a Survey of Recent Results. In Hull, T. (Ed.) Origami 3: Third International Meeting of Origami Science, Mathematics, and Education. Natick, MA: A.K Peters, pp. 283-290.