It's all a matter of "retrospective": Links between parenting and developmental outcomes

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Deleavey, Amie
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This study examined the relationships between parenting and adolescent social support and academic motivation. Among other hypotheses, it was hypothesized that adolescentsâ learning strategies and academic motivation would be predicted by their perceived parentsâ parenting style and social support. Specifically, via a retrospective approach, it was predicted that authoritarian or neglectful parenting styles would predict low perceived social support and academic motivation. In addition, authoritative parenting styles would predict higher levels of perceived social support and academic motivation. A sample of 73 first and second year university students completed three questionnaires (Parental Authority Questionnaire, The Child and Adolescent Social Support Scale, Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire). Results revealed multiple statistically significant correlations and multiple regressions. Authoritarian parenting styles of mothers espouse less academic motivation in their children. Adolescents with authoritative mothers and fathers are more likely to have higher learning strategies, and will seek social support from family and other adults. Additional hypotheses were analyzed and discussed. Results are elaborated on in terms of the links between various parenting styles and specific developmental outcomes and applications to Child and Youth Study are discussed.
Teenagers , Motivation in education , Parenting