ISANS Content Analysis: Through the Lens of an Immigrant Woman of Colour

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Kolhatkar, Shruti
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Mount Saint Vincent University
The current study is a content analysis following an inductive approach, whereby the literature has laid out criteria for objective analysis. Along with the objective criteria, the current study includes a subjective criterion of cultural congruency and incongruency to collectively determine the holistic quality of the ‘ISANS’ website (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia). ISANS is an organization that supports and assists the migrants and refugee communities in Nova Scotia. The current study aims to analyze the quality content of the website that was available to support and assist migrant and refugee families, whilst emphasizing the importance of the availability of support services in various dimensions along with its cultural appropriateness. The qualitative study further determines and outlines the key principles and areas where improvements were required to attain a better quality of the content present on the ISANS website. The current study advocates promoting the availability of good quality information and support resources on virtual/digital platforms to assist migrant and refugee communities to help them reach a culturally balanced integration into Canadian society.