Exploring the Lived Experience of IPV in Bermuda

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Lowe, Ashleigh
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Intimate partner violence (IPV) in Bermuda has received minimal recognition as a social problem in Bermuda. Limited academic research has been conducted. With increasing rates of IPV occurring in Bermuda, this illuminated the need for further exploration. Familialism is a strongly subscribed cultural belief that reinforces the silence in Bermudian society. Therefore a single case study was conducted. This case study is about a black Bermudian woman who experienced IPV during her relationship with the father of her children. Her narrative provides insight into a social problem that is obscured by cultural beliefs. She illustrated various elements of Bermudian culture that are intertwined and contribute to the perpetuation of IPV. She was motivated by her commitment and dedication to her family to challenge cultural beliefs and access social support. A combination of both informal and formal social support enabled her to navigate through her IPV experience. It is the hope that this case study will serve as the foundation for future research on IPV in Bermuda in order to attain a better understanding of the social issue, to create awareness about IPV and to develop comprehensive social policies.
Intimate partner violence , Domestic Violence , Bermuda , Cultural beliefs , Social problem , Case study