Quiet Prayers: Talismans, Contemplation and the Quest for Peace

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Dean-Moore, Stephanie
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This project explores the need for one teacher to deal with the emotional stresses she is experiencing within the classroom. It examines the effects of having students in crisis in the classroom, and how difficult it is as a teacher to bear witness to their problems. It takes a brief glance at the issues of compassion fatigue and burnout in the teaching profession. It explores how spirituality may play an important role within a caring classroom, and follows one teacher's quest to make a deeper, more spiritual connection between her "difficult" students and herself. Part of this project involves the process of acknowledging, facing and dealing with such issues. Research methods include ScholARTistry, Narrative Inquiry and Art making. This thesis is an artistic foray into how art making can be both a meditative and healing process, and seeks to find through art making coping strategies that can be used for teachers.
Education -- Aims and objectives , Teachers of problem children -- Psychology , Teachers -- Job stress , Spirituality -- Study and teaching