Utilizing sports-based intervention: A case study of a community youth club

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Kozera, Kenzie
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Prior literature suggests that participation in sports and athletics lead to both psychosocial and physiological benefits for youth participants and more specifically, at-risk youth. This thesis focuses on the utilization of sport-based interventions (SBIs) in the programming of a community youth club in an Atlantic Canadian community. Short, semi-structured interviews with youth workers and an executive director were conducted in order to compile data involving the sport programing, retention rates, and structure of the local youth club. Upon analyzing the data, it became apparent that the youth club experiences near negligible rates of program drop out. Six significant themes were recognized: need for suitable staffing, using recreational and competitive athletics, promoting community involvement, affiliation to pre-established programs, suitable infrastructure and facilities, and consistent evaluation. These common themes are presented as a potential model for future youth programs to reference when utilizing and developing SBIs. It is believed that by following the suggestions of this model, there is an increased likelihood of a SBI having improved retention rates and favorable outcomes for youth participants.
Sports, sport based intervention, community youth club, Atlantic Canada