Processing speed impairments of children with arithemetic disabilities

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McNeil, Allison
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The processing speed ability of children wtih arithmetic disabilities (AD; N = 19) and their normally achieving (NA) peers (N = 21) was examined across a series of 4 naming speed tasks (rapid digit naming, rapid letter naming, object naming, and quantity naming) and 4 sequencing speed tasks (making trails numbers, making trails letters, number counting and alphabet). Children with arithmetic disabilities were found to be significantly slower across 4 tasks: rapid digit naming, object naming, quantity naming, and making trails numbers. No differences between the two groups were found on the rapid letter naming, making trails letters, number counting, and alphabet. Overall, results suggested that children with AD were significantly slower on tasks that contained numerical-based information. That children with AD were significantly slower on the object naming task may indicate weaker visual-spatial memory performance. Results were discussed in terms of the potential utilization of processing speed in the identification of arithmetic disabilities and the importance of processing speed in arithmetic calculation.
learning disabilities , arithmetic disabilities