The Perspectives of Early Childhood Educators on Participation, Agency and Children’s Rights

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Nauss, Marly
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Participation, agency and children’s rights are trending topics in children’s research. Their definitions are yet to be concretely defined at the empirical level leaving their practical implementation even more fluid. The purpose of this research project was to investigate the current perspectives of Early Childhood Educators in Nova Scotia on the aforementioned three topics. Using semi-structured interviews five ECE’s were asked a series of questions on their perspectives not just on participation, agency and right’s but what they feel are components to these concepts and what construct barriers to practice. Participants to this research study share that currently participation is more closely defined as engagement. The difference to these two topics being one is a contribution to one’s own life and the other is taking part in the experience of life. Agency although a frequently heard topic is not well understood and definitions vary greatly between participants. Finally children’s rights are well received but not necessarily labelled or recalled. The implications for this study are that any of this topics could be more specifically researched as Nova Scotia is a population not yet interviewed in this aspect.