Exploring Some of the Mathematical Properties of Chains

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Knoll, Eva
Taylor, Tara
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This workshop aims to explore various mathematical topics that emerge from examining classes of chains and their properties. Basic concepts are taken from topology, an area of mathematics that is concerned with notions like connectedness, how many holes there are, and orientability; geometry, including symmetries; and collapsibility and degrees of freedom. These topics are explored through an examination of a small number of chain designs including examples that are not topologically linked at all, examples in which the relative position of the links determine the symmetries, degrees of freedom, and the way in which their structure is analogous to that of a Moebius band, and finally a model of a chain design with a fractal structure. The workshop will include building human models to explore various properties and other activities where the participants will be able to play with necklace models to better understand the theory and to come up with their own questions to investigate.
Chains , Mathematics