Exploring perspectives toward establishing a creative arts therapies association

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Atlass, Alicia
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Creative arts therapies [CATs] represent a collection of techniques utilizing one or several elements of creative arts as the main tool within the therapy and are becoming a popular alternative to traditional therapies and medications for a variety of conditions. This thesis examines the awareness of creative arts therapies within a community, and the interest level in the establishment of a practitioner association by gathering data from practitioners in related fields. Sixteen practitioners in the community of focus completed an interview or survey. Two sets of questions were designed; one set for participants specifically engaging in creative arts therapies for their work, and one set for those who utilize elements of the creative arts in their work without therapeutic intent. Participants answered between 16 and19 questions about their work-based affiliation to CATs, their knowledge of creative arts therapies, and their potential interest in an association for practitioners. Results indicated the majority of participants were unaware of services available in the community, and were unable to fully define the term creative arts therapies. All but one participant indicated some level of interest in a practitioner association, yet most expressed concerns or conditions to accompany their interest.
Creative arts therapies , Therapists , Therapies