Exploring Teachers’ Perceptions of Psychological Reports and Their Decision to Read Reports and Implement Recommendations

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Hull, Angela
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Mount Saint Vincent University
The current study used a questionnaire to explore 15 elementary school teachers’ perceptions of psychological reports. Teachers indicated the extent to which internal variables (those inherent to reports, such as clarity) and external variables (those external to reports, such as the school psychologist’s experience) impact their decision to read reports and implement recommendations. Overall, teachers rated all variables as having at least somewhat of an impact on their decision to read reports and implement recommendations. As well, all teachers indicated that they perceive all sections of reports as at least somewhat useful, and that they attempt to implement recommendations at least some of the time. Most teachers reported typically reading entire reports, and all teachers reported typically reading the majority of report sections. Teachers predominantly mentioned external variables related to classroom workings when listing factors that impact the frequency with which they attempt to implement recommendations.
Elementary school teachers , psychological reports , Implement Recommendations