Exploring food insecurity among gay men in India: an interpretative phenomenological study

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Yeminedi, Sainath
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Accepting same-sex sexual orientation and queer identities has become more prevalent among Indian youth. However, within the framework of family, home, and school, taking sexuality and being free to express their gender choices remain significant challenges for members of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community (Patel, 2016). For gay men, in particular, there is a lack of adequate health care and nutrition. For example, Gay men face discrimination at work and in school, which causes many to commit suicide or live by themselves away from society. This study aims to identify and bring to the world's attention the food culture among gay men in India. The study will also focus on discrimination as a determinant of food access and nutrition faced by gay men in India. This chapter discusses the background and context of the study, followed by the research question, the research goals, and finally, the limitations.