The Acute Effect of a Pizza Meal with Partial or Complete Replacement of All-Purpose Wheat Flour with Lentil Flour of Similar Particle Size on Postprandial Blood Glucose, Subjective Appetite, and Food Intake in Healthy Young Adults

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Thamotharampillai, Gowshigga
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Lentil consumption has been associated with a lower glycemic response. Previous in vitro study has shown that the larger the particle size of lentil flour, the less glucose is produced in the process mimicking the digestion in the gastrointestinal tract (Kathirvel et al., 2019). With the limited information reported on particle size in studies comparing various food flours and powders, it was unknown whether the differences detected in metabolic responses were determined by a difference in particle size, or composition, or both. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of a pizza meal formulated with either lentil flour or wheat flour of similar particle size or their combination on postprandial blood glucose, subjective appetite, physical comfort and food intake. We hypothesized that the partial or complete replacement of wheat flour with processed lentil flour of similar particle size in a formulated pizza would result in lower blood glucose and subjective appetite due to a higher content of resistant carbohydrates and protein in lentil flour compared to wheat flour.