Supporting Teachers Working with Students with Learning Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom

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Villars, Kelsey
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Teachers have reported lacking the training and knowledge to support students with learning disabilities (LDs), thus the Accessible Strategies Supporting Inclusion for Students by Teachers (ASSIST) has been developed to support teachers in their work with students with LDs. This hybrid implementation-effectiveness study employed the RE-AIM framework to address research questions on the implementation, effectiveness, satisfaction of the ASSIST for Learning Disabilities (LD) program, and the effects of COVID-19 on implementation. Method: Data was collected from Canadian general classroom teachers using a mixed-methods approach. Analysis: Descriptive statistics, computer-generated statistics, paired-sample t-tests, and content analyses were used. Results: After completing the program, teachers’ attitudes and beliefs about students with LD significantly improved and teachers were highly satisfied with ASSIST for LD. ASSIST for LD was able to reach a wide array of teachers, was implemented with fair fidelity, but COVID-19 proved to be a major limitation to implementation. Conclusions: It is hoped that the results of this study encourage the use of ASSIST among teachers to support them in their work with students with LD.