An Evaluation of Evidence-Based Information on Interventions for Learning Disabilities in Reading Found within Pinterest-Linked Websites: A Multi-Site Content Analysis

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Green, Jared
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Social media platforms such as Pinterest are becoming a popular medium for locating and consuming health information. Nonetheless, no studies to date have explored the accuracy of intervention information for reading disabilities on Pinterest-linked web pages, leaving it unclear the extent to which it aligns with evidence-based practice. This study reviewed online information about interventions for reading disabilities from 41 Pinterest-linked web pages to analyze its accountability, presentation, alignment with evidence-based practice, and readability using a set of standardized criteria. The quality of intervention information was generally poor, with websites meeting less than 10% of the standardized criteria. Further, most information was published by unspecified authors or authors without formal experience providing evidence-based interventions for LDs in reading. Most sites also neglected to reference their sources or recommend follow-up with a professional. These findings, possibilities for future research, and practical implications for health care providers are discussed.