The effect of a mixed meal formulated with Chondrus crispus seaweeds on satiety and food intake in young males

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Li, Tongtong
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Background & Objectives: Seaweeds, known as sea vegetables, are a rich source of nutrients, including minerals, polysaccharides, soluble and insoluble fibers, and trace elements. Seaweeds are traditionally consumed in Asian countries; however, their consumption in western countries, including Canada, is very limited. The major reasons for limited consumption include their unique taste and flavor, unfamiliarity with using seaweeds in traditional foods, unavailability of ready-to-use processed foods with seaweeds and lack of information regarding their health benefits. To enhance the development and consumption of seaweed products in Canada, there is a need to investigate the sensory acceptability of seaweed-containing foods and their link with appetite sensation in consumers. The objective was to assess the effect of Chondrus crispus seaweed on sensory characteristics, ad libitum food intake (FI) at 120min, subjective appetite (SA) and physical comfort over 120min in males (19-35y). Methods: Thirty male participants (19-35 y) with Body Mass Index (BMI) of 20.0-24.9kg/m2 completed a randomized controlled, single-blinded cross-over. The treatments included the omelettes prepared with (S) or without (N) added dried Chondrus crispus (5g, 60ml) and energy-free water control (W). Visual Analogue Scales (VAS) were used to assess appetite and physical comfort throughout the study. Results: S resulted in a similar pleasantness, taste, texture, flavour, aftertaste and appearance compared to N (P>0.05). Both S and N led to reduced FI at 120min compared to W (P<0.05) while FI after S was 115 kcal less compared to N (P=0.05). The palatability of pizza at 120min was lower after S than W and N (P<0.05). Both S and N led to reduced subjective appetite over 2h compared to W (P<0.0001), and a similar physical comfort (P>0.05). Conclusions: In healthy male adults, adding 5g of Chondrus crispus to a meal results in acceptable sensory characteristics, high physical comfort, and SA reduction and FI suppression possibly due to increased mastication of the food with added seaweed, and a lower sensory acceptance of a subsequent meal.