Transferring Patterns: From Twill to Peyote Stitch

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Knoll, Eva
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Crafts are generally known for pieces whose structure and geometry are derived from the constraints of the techniques used. In particular, the look of specific patterns and textures are the natural product of the structure of the specific medium and technique applied to their production. The transfer of a pattern from its natural medium to another whose constraints may differ can sometimes present interesting mathematical challenges. In this workshop, this is exemplified through the transfer of a classic pattern resulting from Twill weaving, the Hound’s-Tooth Check as it is transferred to a different medium, known as Peyote, Gourd or Twill Stitch, whereby beads are strung in a traditional bricklaying pattern using an off-loom beading technique. This transfer presents the challenge of adapting a structure so that the transferred pattern still resembles the original, in as simple a way as possible. In the workshop, several possible result of this transfer are compared and materials are made available to both design and create Peyote-stitched hound’s tooth surfaces, thereby introducing the participants to some of the mathematical constraints of this type of transfer.
Twill stitch , Peyote Stitch , Crafts , Geometry