Teachers' Classroom-Based Experiences and Emotions: A Mixed-Method Exploratory Study

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Hayre, Krishan
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Research on teachers’ emotional experiences in the classroom, both positive and negative, is lacking, therefore the current research piloted a survey investigating how 13 preschool to ninth grade private school teachers respond emotionally to recalled positive and negative classroom events. Furthermore, this study explored how teachers’ emotional experiences affected their subsequent thoughts and actions throughout these recalled classroom events. The results showed that positive and negative emotional experiences differed during the self-reported positive and negative events. Specifically, in the self-reported positive events, there were significantly more positive than negative emotions reported. Throughout the negative events, an equal amount of positive emotions and negative emotions were reported. Both types of event elicited a wide range of intensity for both positive and negative emotion states. Moderate to large significant bivariate correlations between specific emotion states were present in both positive and negative selfreported events. Finally, teachers acknowledged that their emotion states influenced their subsequent thought-action tendencies during both types of classroom events. Implications for further research are described.
Teachers, emotional experience, classroom experience