Adolescents’ Willingness to Seek Help for Bullying Problems

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Boudreau, Ainsley M.
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The study examined adolescents’ willingness to seek help from peer, parent/guardian and teacher/professional helpers in physical, verbal and relational bullying situations. Questionnaire data were collected from 169 students (M age= 13.7 years, SD = 1.01; 88 females, 81 males). Factorial and Univariate Analyses of Variance (ANOVAs) were conducted to examine differences across gender, grade, school location, family status, recent experience with bullying and previous help-seeking. Results revealed significant main effects of previous help-seeking, school location, family structure, and Helper x Gender interactions. With respect to gender differences, females were significantly more willing to seek help from friends for bullying than males. It was also found that adolescents’ willingness to seek help for bullying varies based on type of bullying, helper, and previous help-seeking. Adolescents living with a father or living in a rural community were also more willing to seek help. Results are discussed in terms of the impact of these variables upon adolescents’ willingness to seek help.
Cape Breton Island , Adolescence , Adjustment Psychology , Psychology , Abused teenagers , Help-seeking behavior , Psychological aspects , Nova Scotia , Schools , Bullying