Development of a Workshop for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers: Cognitive Processes in Early Reading Development

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Harrison, Heather
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Phonological, morphological, and orthographic awareness are cognitive processes that have been identified as strong predictors of successful reading development. Research has shown that instruction that explicitly teaches phonological, morphological, and orthographic awareness is most effective. Research has suggested that in order to provide effective reading instruction, teachers must not only be able to read well, but they must also have an explicit understanding of the cognitive processes that play a role in reading acquisition. Research has also indicated that pre-service teachers’ lack explicit knowledge of phonological, morphological, and orthographic awareness and how to provide the instruction to facilitate their development. The focus of this thesis was the development of a workshop to provide pre-service elementary teachers with information about reading instruction that is grounded in research. The workshop highlights the implicit knowledge that pre-service teachers likely have about phonological, morphological, and orthographic awareness and expands their explicit knowledge in those areas
Reading development , Reading instruction , Pre-service teachers