The Effect of Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies on Social Competence and Reading Achievement in Elementary School Children

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David, Margaret
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Mount Saint Vincent University
This study examined the effect of the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies universal intervention on measures of social competence, word identification and word attack in elementary school children. This study constituted the first analysis of data collected in the Socially and Emotionally Aware Kids study and included data from the first of four years of the project. Ninety-eight participants spanning grades primary to 2 at the study’s inception (mean age = 80.25 months) participated in the present study. Participants in the intervention condition (n = 57) were included in the PATHS Social Emotional Learning intervention for 14 months. Students were compared to same-aged controls (n = 41) on measures of aggressive/disruptive behaviours, attention, and social-emotional competence as well as word recognition, and non-word reading. No effect of the intervention was demonstrated through analysis of variance (ANOVA). Both intervention and control students realized significant gains in attention/concentration, and socialemotional competence over the 14 month time span. Both intervention and control participants demonstrated a significant change in scores on both reading achievement tasks over time. Regression analysis demonstrated a significant contribution of aggressive/disruptive behaviours to word-recognition skills concurrently at pre-test.
Elementary school , Social Emotional Learning intervention , aggressive/disruptive behaviours