Examining Relationships Among Students' Perception of an Authoritative Organizational School Climate, Adolescent Competency, and School Roles and Responsibilities

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Benvenuti, Faith
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The purpose of this study was to examine students' perception of their school climate as well as the characteristics and benefits of an authoritative school climate. Participants were students in a high school in Eastern Canada. This quantitative study employed questionnaire surveys for collecting data. Results demonstrated significant relationships between an authoritative school climate and student self-esteem, school engagement, and students' perception of independent academic problem solving. Also, the strength of the relationship between an authoritative climate and students' perception of positive peer evaluations approached the level of significance. Students indicated that in an authoritative school climate, the majority of the school responsibilities were perceived as being taken on primarily by either their peers or themselves. Recommendations for school-wide changes that may foster authoritative school environments are provided.
Self-confidence in adolescence -- Canada , Classroom environment -- Canada , High school students -- Canada -- Psychology , School management and organization -- Canada