Why teacher education?

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Saunders, Joanna
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Mount Saint Vincent University
This study investigated students’ reasons for enrolling in Bachelor of Education courses at a time when the employment prospects for teachers in Halifax are poor. Study participants were first-year students in the Bachelor of Education program at Mount Saint Vincent University. 85 students were surveyed regarding their reasons for becoming teachers, their knowledge of the economic prospects for teachers in regards to employment, their knowledge of the Halifax Regional School Board’s teaching system and any advantages they perceived they had over others in gaining employment. The results of the survey were statistically analysed in order to explore the relationships between the four areas of knowledge. The results of the analyses revealed very few significant connections – leading to two key conclusions; firstly, students’ reasons for becoming teachers remain quite separate from their knowledge of the teaching labor market, and secondly, there is a lack of comprehensive research done by students prior to enrolling. Findings of the study are discussed in relation to the implications for students, the implications for the teaching labor market and the implications for individuals affected by the current oversupply of teachers in Halifax.
Post-secondary education - Educational studies , Labour market - Halifax , Labour market - Teachers