Nova Scotia Provincial School Boards and Effective Structures and Supports for Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights Policy Implementation: The Nuanced Dance

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Parris, Sylvia
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The establishment and implementation of policies designed to address the inequities faced by marginalized people are first and foremost meant to meet the needs of those communities and the broader community. While many who lead policy implementation are representative of racial diversity, they often lack autonomy and real access to positional power. In this study I address this research question: What structures and supports are in place for Black/African Nova Scotian/Canadian women in leadership positions at provincial and school board levels to sustain their work in race relations, cross cultural understanding and human rights policy implementation. I explore the structure and supports needed and available to support them and their work in regard to the implementation of race relations, cross cultural understanding and human rights policies. Through the research Black/African Nova Scotian/Canadian women, henceforth, referred to as Black Nova Scotian women are able to tell their stories and provide advice to leadership at the school board level as to what is needed to effectively champion the work of policy implementation that is guided by Black/African Nova Scotian/ Canadian women.
African Nova Scotians , African Nova Scotians - Education , Nova Scotia - School boards