Start With the Child Developing Potential in Education

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Gallant, Christine
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Mount Saint Vincent University
The Nova Scotian Public School Program has identified the development of individual potential as essential to their primary mandate. From personal classroom experience, I have found a considerable lack of attention to the needs and learning styles of many students, leaving them without the tools to uncover or capitalize on their particular potential or strengths. To discover how schools have ended up with a narrow view of student potential, I have researched the evolution of schools in Canada, a system that grew alongside a new and developing country. I also examine some of the individualities students are bringing to the classroom and what potentials are being overlooked. This thesis investigates systemic production and reproduction of racial, gender, ability, and class-based inequities through an education process that has seen little change since its inception over one hundred years ago. I conclude by discussing some of the changes that our school system must consider in order to meet the needs of all students’ potential. Reproduced
Public School Program , school system , Nova Scotia