Perspectives of an Individual with Learning Disabilities on Attributes that Enable Success

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Devoe, Angela M.
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Mount Saint Vincent University
This study utilized a qualitative approach to explore the perceptions of an individual with learning disabilities on the attributes that enabled life success. Specific attributes (i.e. self-awareness, proactivity, perseverance, goal-setting, use of effective support systems, emotional coping strategies, self-determination, self-efficacy, resiliency, and a balance of creative, analytical and pragmatic intelligence) were highlighted and explored to determine their existence and effect on life success. The life experiences and perspectives of a person with learning disabilities were gained through an interview process. Data collected during this process was analyzed in hopes of rendering commonalities between attributes possessed by the participant that seemingly encouraged success and attributes commonly described in the literature. Results indicated that the participant utilized a number of the noted attributes, but in a pattern that was unique to him. Themes emerged from the data that have implications for service providers, teachers, and the parents of the learning disabled. An example of such is the need to support and encourage the maximization of individual strengths within the learning disabled individual. Understanding the unique profiles of such individuals enables service providers to assist them on their road to success.
Learning disabilities , Enable Success , Life experiences , Service providers