The Effect of Total Milk Protein, Casein and Whey Protein Ingestion on Blood Glucose and Insulin in Rats

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Olowookere, Temilola Rachael
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Dairy product consumption is highly associated with reduced postprandial glycaemia. Dairy proteins, including caseins, and whey protein, have been found to reduce postprandial glucose response and increase insulin response. However, the effect of milk protein fractions on short-term blood glucose control is unclear. The objective of this study was to investigate the acute effect of total milk protein (TMP), micellar casein (CN), and whey protein (WP) on blood glucose and insulin in rats. The rationale for this study is based on the fact that dairy products have a different protein composition determined by their natural and added content of milk proteins and therefore the glycaemic control provided by dairy products is particularly determined by their protein composition. The hypothesis of this study was that TMP, CN and WP may have a distinct effect on short-term blood glucose and insulin response.
Rats, dairy, postprandial glycaemia