Buffering...Please Wait... Policy as a Barrier to Effective Technology Integration in School

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Noseworthy, Bernard Jason
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Technology in our lives is pervasive. We rely on technological tools to perform many of our daily activities, from professional tasks and personal finances to transportation and social networking. So too, this pervasiveness finds its way into the educational spectrum. Students and educators alike find it within the halls of schools and hands of students in classrooms. To this end, the integration of technology in the learning environment has long been a topic of controversy and disagreement. Studies have pointed out a number of barriers associated with the successful integration of technology in school, such as time, money, resources, professional development and, attitudes and beliefs. The research presented here focuses on policy as a barrier to effective technology integration. Four documents from regional school districts are analyzed using a qualitative content analysis (QCA) method. The documents are coded under three main categories: use, responsibility and other. Major themes that emerge are: the contextualization of technology as separate from education, policy documents as admonitions, technology as a liability and, technology as a privilege.
technology, educational spectrum, students, technology integration, contextualization, policy, barrier , technology , educational spectrum , technology integration , contextualization