Webinar: Benchmarking Co-operative Performance: The CoopMetrics Framework

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Mahoney, Rosemary
Swanson, Walden
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Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network
(See youtube link above to view webinar recording). This webinar was lead by CoopMetrics, a Minnesota cooperative. This hybrid cooperative, whose members are workers as well as consumers, uses its cooperative structure to share innovation among benchmarking sectors. CoopMetrics provides benchmarking services and business analytics for US retail food cooperatives, independent food retailers, farm supply and marketing cooperatives, alternative nursing homes, ethanol plants, and affordable housing developers. The session provided an overview of their framework and tools, include sample reports and a discussion of user experiences with the program. Rosemary K. Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer. Prior to becoming chief executive officer of CoopMetrics, Rosemary worked as a consultant on international cooperative development projects and cooperative business development projects in the United States. She was a founding partner of MainStreet Cooperative Group, LLC., director of New Venture Development for Cooperative Solutions, LLC., executive director of Cooperative Development Services (CDS) and Regional Director for Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. At present, Rosemary serves on the boards of directors of the National Cooperative Business Association, National Cooperative Grocers Association, National Cooperative Grocers Association Development Cooperative, Thanexus, Inc., dotCooperative LLC, The Cooperative Foundation and NCB Capital Impact. Rosemary formerly served on the boards of directors of NCB (formerly known as the National Cooperative Bank), Cooperative Development Institute and CooperationWorks. Rosemary has received the Honored Cooperator Award. Walden Swanson, Founder and Director of New Initiatives. Walden has significant management, banking, and board experience. He has been a "turnaround manager" and negotiated mergers and acquisitions. His banking experience includes graduating in the top quartile of the American Banker's Association Commercial Lending School and working with CEAG - an advisory firm in the Czech Republic associated with Salomon Brothers. Walden serves on the board of the National Cooperative Bank and NCB Capital Impact as well as many cooperative, non-profit, and for-profit boards. He has a BBA in the Honors Program from the University of Texas and is a Microsoft SQL Server Certified Professional. Walden has received the Cooperative Service Award, the Cooperative Innovation/Achievement Award, the Honored Cooperator Award, and was inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in 2008.