Nova Scotia’s Adult Learning Legislation and Policies: Balancing the Needs of Citizens and Markets

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MacIsaac, Melinda A.
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Nova Scotia is a democratic society; therefore, one would surmise the political social system within the province should be designing adult education and literacy programs to support and develop democratic citizens capable of engaging in critical thinking and sustaining a democratic society. Neoliberal policies have become engrained in many democratic societies due to globalization, including Canada and its provinces. Canada’s federal policies are influenced by international economic agendas which permeate each level of society. Nova Scotia’s social directive is derived from the legislation and policies developed by government; adult education and literacy are the responsibility of each province. This study will analyze Nova Scotian adult education and literacy legislation, policies, and community consultation reports, using Norman Fairclough’s (2003) critical discourse analysis framework, to identify how these may have been impacted by the ideologies of neoliberalism and new capitalism.