Using Self-­‐Assessment for Blended Learning

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Barclay, Alexandra
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Mount Saint Vincent University
This study presents an examination of a self-­‐assessment practice and online synchronous conversations within an undergraduate teacher-­‐training course. The course was a blend of classroom learning, in-­‐field pre-­‐service teaching and online learning with n= 12 participants. The aim of the study was to examine the self-­‐ assessment practice using mixed methodologies. This required a two-­‐part research design and data collection. The first part involved quantitative data collection of two assessment tools using a Wilcoxon Rank Test to determine reliability among two raters. Percentage agreement of both raters, the researcher and participants, were also analyzed. The second part involved thematic analysis to investigate evidence of meta-­‐ cognitive and collaborative learning schemes in the self-­‐assessment survey (SAS).The study reported positive benefits of self-­‐assessment in combination with online asynchronous conversations. Implications for future research and imitations of the study are discussed.
Undergraduate , Teacher - training , Mixed methodologies , Wilcoxon Rank Test , Self-­‐assessment survey