Low Income Mothers’ Critique of Services: A Participatory Study on What Could be Changed

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Neilson, Lisbeth
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Mount Saint Vincent University
This thesis examined low income mothers’ views of the community organizations, policies and programs that are put in place to provide support for them. It argued that low income mothers are able to voice their own suggestions for changes within services. In this participatory research, focus groups were conducted at a local family centre to explore the women’s views of which aspects of these services work and which do not. For the services that were not working for these women, we discussed what changes could be made. Three themes were chosen: i) the judgement and mistreatment these women face from others; ii) the women’s agency; iii) the structural problems with organization and policy that limit these women’s access to resources. The results demonstrate the need for changes to be made to policies and services that support low income people and for the voices of these people to be taken into account when decisions that impact them are made.
Low income mothers , Community organizations