Moments in a Life: Identifying the Educational Component's of Habouba's (Grandmother) Stories

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Medani, Huwaida
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From introduction: "I will tell you a story. I will tell you the story of my education. I will tell you about my first educator, my grandmother, Habouba. I am telling you this story because I learn that people know each other through sharing their stories. In Northern Sudan when people meet for the first time, they talk to each other. As they talk, they observe each other looking for some sort of shared knowledge; that may be a person, a story, a place they both visited, etc. Such shared knowledge denotes the start of trust and exchange of experience. In my stories, I am hoping you find some sort of knowledge we both share; a knowledge that activates further communication, questioning, and learning. I am a teacher and a student. I am a deep-rooted Sudanese woman and a storm-swept immigrant longing for belonging. I am culturally too heavy to immerse into the Canadian culture in one dive and light enough to try out every aspect of it. This inquiry is a link in the chain of knowing; knowing me and my world and knowing you and our world. This link addresses my educational journey."
Grandmothers -- Sudan -- Psychology , Women storytellers -- Sudan , Women -- Education -- Sudan