Writing in the Key of Life: Inquiry into Writing Processes and Pedagogies

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Domm, Kristin Bieber
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Mount Saint Vincient University
This inquiry investigates the complexities of writing and teaching writing in linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms. What must we understand about language in order to teach writing well? How can inquiry into language and our lived experiences of language inform writing processes and pedagogies? Using writing itself as a method of inquiry, this autoethnographic study investigates writing as a multidimensional process, a linguistic, composing, rhetorical, and inquiry process, searching for streams of meaning among childhood language experiences, public school teaching experiences, university teaching experiences, and writing experiences. By layering one teacher’s lived experience of language, writing, and teaching writing with scholarly literature, teaching artifacts, and curricular documents, a more complex perspective on writing processes and pedagogies has emerged, one that views language diversity as a resource, not a deficit, in writing development in educational settings. This investigation concludes by proposing an inquiry-based framework for understanding the complexities of writing processes and pedagogies in the twenty-first century, highlighting the imperative of an inquiry stance—toward writing processes, writing pedagogies, and the lived language experience of all developing writers.
Writing, teaching, pedagogy, childhood language, experience