Resisting Readin’, Writin’ and ‘Rithmetic: Stories from Inside a Classroom Panopticon

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Sales-Driscoll, Heidi
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This study is an account of teacher resistance in an intermediate classroom. It is an examination of the ways in which resistance to dominant school Discourses was possible, and sometimes not possible. This study involves four main stories of resistance. The first story in the introduction shows how and why I became resistant to many of the dominant Discourses controlling my classroom Panopticon. In the second story, I find space within my classroom to resist the dominant Discourse of standardized tests, by acting on students’ questions of and disdain for them, despite feeling the pressure of surveillance. In the third story, I demonstrate how resistance was possible within the constrictive structures of Teacher Performance Appraisals (TPAs) and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). The final story outlines how I, being in relations with others, also exercise power, and that others will resist this, namely, my students. This study ends with reflections on the dynamics of power and resistance, and outlines the current dominant Discourses I face.
teacher resistance , power discourse