Negotiating Souls For Lives: The Situations of Filipina Women in The Sex Tourism Industry

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McLellan, Angela Marie
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Mount Saint Vincent University
This research examines the lives and conditions of women involved in sex tourism and prostitution in the Philippines, based primarily on the voices and opinions of these women. In order to examine sex tourism and prostitution in the Philippines, this thesis examines the history of the Philippines in order to emphasize the macro and micro level factors that have sustained and supported the exploitation of women in sex tourism and prostitution. This thesis examines the actors in the trade of prostitution, including the prostituted women, sex tourists, business owners and the government. The roles the actors play in the sex trade as well as the benefits and consequences of each group will be explored as well as the women’s opinions regarding the sex actors and the industry as a whole. This thesis explores sex tourism through the roles of sex tourism actors in order to highlight women’s voices as well as the exploitation that women are exposed to for the benefit of sex tourists, business owners and operators, and various levels of government.
Filipina Women , Sex Tourism Industry , Prostitution