Development and Usability Testing of an Ehealth Sleep Intervention Program for Youth

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Mugford, Josh
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Adolescence is a vulnerable time for sleep problems. It is estimated that half of adolescents worldwide do not get the sleep needed to function optimally during the day. Current interventions available to treat sleep problems are often inaccessible, costly and time consuming. The use of the internet would allow for a more accessible and cost-effective way to deliver sleep intervention. This thesis includes two parts – the development of BNBD-Youth and conducting usability testing of this intervention. The intervention was created using a user-centered design to treat sleep problems in adolescents. Usability testing was conducted with 8 end-users as a next step in program development. Participants were asked to complete the BNBD-Youth program in full while providing feedback on each session and the overall program. The program was well received by participants and there was a high level of user satisfaction. Suggestions were provided on how to improve the eHealth intervention including reducing text, adding more interactive features and reducing the length of the lessons and sessions. Implications for the future of BNBD-Youth as well as eHealth interventions for adolescents in general are discussed.
Sleep intervention, adolescence, electronic health