The Development and Status of School Psychology: Comparing and Contrasting Canada and Romania

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Tudor, Adriana
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Mount Saint Vincent University
School psychology is an essential service in Canada. The development of the field spans over 100 years. School psychology is overseen by regulatory bodies and training and development requirements are fairly consistent across programs and provinces/territories. Given the country’s political history, psychological services in Romanian schools are not as well defined and/or accessible as they are in Canada. Comparing and contrasting the systems will help to synthesize recommendations for the continuing development of school psychology in Romania. Specifically, we aimed to compare and contrast the following areas: (1) training and development; (2) preparation and scope of practice; (3) public perception of the psychological services provided by school psychologists; and (4) ease of access to these services. First an extensive review of the history, development, and current status of school psychology in Canada was completed using peer-reviewed journal articles and position papers, information from professional websites (e.g., Canadian Psychological Association, Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia), university websites, and relevant popular press articles. Second, a review of the history, development, and current status of school psychology in Romania was conducted using similar sources. Finally, an examination of similarities and differences between Canadian and Romanian school psychology was completed, to provide recommendations for the further development of the field of school psychology in Romania.
School psychology, Canadian schools, Romanian schools,