Domination in Ecofeminist Discourse

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Woodill, Sharon
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In this thesis, I explore the concept of domination in ecofeminist discourse. This exploration is facilitated through theoretical discussion and personal narrative. I specifically consider three ways in which domination is conceptualized: as a product of progress; as a way of thinking; and as a complex system of interconnected oppressions. For each of these categories, I outline the general tenets of ecofeminist theory pertinent to the categorization; I highlight some issues with the theory; and I explore some resulting insights. I argue that although ecofeminist theory contains some contradictions and intricacies, taken together, it offers a valuable perspective on the issue of domination, and this perspective seems to be neglected by academic scholarship. In conclusion, I draw on the work of Maria Lugones. I explore her concept of curdled logic and complex communication as a possible means of addressing some of the problematic issues within ecofeminism, and as a means of addressing academic marginalization.
Feminist ethics , Feminist theory , Ecofeminism , Domination