Behind the barriers: Factors that influence adult learners’ struggles with consistent attendance and mathematical achievement

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Labelle Davey, André Michael
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Two barriers that continue to face adult learners on their path to accreditation are inconsistent attendance and mathematical limitations. The purpose of this research study is to determine the significant issues that influence the barriers in attendance and mathematical achievements that adults attending an adult learning program in Halifax, Nova Scotia encounter. A record review of 188 adult learners in an urban Nova Scotia Adult Learning Program confirms that inconsistent attendance is a barrier to timely academic achievement. To further explore the intrinsic intentions behind these two barriers, an online survey is used to identify some of their contributing factors. Of the 125 learners invited to participate, 26 respondents provide a voice for the adult learners who may feel that the manner in which their academic upgrading has been made available does not always offer the necessary support to suit their needs.
Adult learners, mathematical limitations, Nova Scotia