An Examination of Psycho-Educational Reports and Empirically Validated Practices

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Crofts, Danielle
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The purpose of this study was to examine whether interventions that School Psychology trainees recommend for struggling readers are those that have been shown to be effective in educational research. Twenty-eight reports spanning a 5 year period, were randomly chosen from the archives of a School Psychology training program at an Atlantic Canadian university. Students identified within these reports were in grades 1 to 9, and ranged in age from 6 to 14 years. Of the 28 reports examined, 1 student had difficulties in reading comprehension only, 7 students had difficulties in word reading only, and 20 students experienced difficulties in both areas. Results confirmed the hypothesis that a considerable proportion of these reports did not contain evidenced-based (EB) recommendations targeting reading difficulties. Further, when EB recommendations were present, these were not complete or in depth; that is, they did not specify the range of instructional components necessary to effectively address reading difficulties. Finally, contrary to predictions, neither the number of EB recommendations per report, proportion of reports with EB recommendations, nor the depth of EB recommendations increased from the earlier to the later reporting period. Results are discussed within the context of School Psychology training programs.
Ability testing , Reading comprehension , Reading disability , Evaluation , Halifax , Nova Scotia , Training , Education , School psychologists