The Student Body Project: Evaluating a multi-strategy weight bias reduction intervention with food and nutrition students in Nova Scotia, Canada

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Lynn Finbow, Terri
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Research has demonstrated that weight bias exists in areas such as education, most stages of employment and healthcare. The prevalence of weight bias in healthcare is troublesome, as it can negatively influence the thoughts and actions of health practitioners in practice and create barriers for patient health behaviours and outcomes. Registered dietitians (RDs) are one example of healthcare providers in which weight bias has been documented globally. It has been suggested that current healthcare university programs, such as nutrition and dietetics, do not provide enough training for future healthcare professionals regarding interactions with individuals having overweight or obesity and that additional education is needed for RDs to improve attitudes towards individuals with overweight or obesity. Multiple approaches have been utilized in intervention studies to detect and reduce weight bias among students and professionals in various health disciplines; however, none have been trialed with students studying food and nutrition in Canada.
weight bias reduction, Nova Scotia, nutrition