How Canadian Adult Education Professors Perceive Neuroscience Research in Relation to Educational Practices

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Jong, Elizabeth
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Numerous studies and recent publications have focused on the understandings of brain function as it relates to teaching and learning within the area of adult education. The purpose of this research study was to understand how adult education professors from post-secondary universities across Canada perceive neuroscience research related to educational practices. This research study utilized the internet as a tool to conduct qualitative e-mail interviews with 22 Canadian adult education professors. The interview consisted of 9 structured open-ended survey questions and 1 follow-up question. The results of this study gave insight into how aware adult education professors in Canada are of neuroscience research and education. The results of this study also report on whether adult education professors in Canada are currently enhancing their educational practices with neuroscience research evidence, whether they believed neuroscience research could enhance educational practices, and if given the opportunity to talk with a neuroscientist what their topic of interest would be. It is my hope that this research exploration will contribute to the dialogue between neuroscientists and educators and be beneficial to their merging community.
Adult Education , Neuroscience