A Case Study Evaluation of a Local Fruit and Vegetable Snack Pilot: Recommendations for Future Program Planning

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Abrey, Anne Marie
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Purpose: Using a case study process evaluation of the Eating Well, Learning Well: Fruit and Vegetable Snack Pilot’s program planning, strengths of this collaborative effort as well as a vision for future collaboration on fruit and vegetable snack programs, as identified by the stakeholders was used to inform the development of recommendations for future program planning. Methods: Guided by appreciative inquiry and clinical inquiry, interview scripts were developed and interviews were held with eight key stakeholders from both government and industry sectors involved in the Fruit and Vegetable Snack Pilot. Categories were identified using open systems theory as a guide and allowed the data to be organized as it related to participants’ perceptions of the Fruit and Vegetable Pilot as well as to their visions for future program planning. Themes and sub-themes were then identified from analysis of the interview transcripts. Results: Stakeholders responses to questions were summarized by sector, category, theme and/or sub theme, and by each phase of program plannin (inception, planning, implementation, evaluation). The research findings show that there is currently a stable and supportive environment for local foods programming in schools, and that stakeholders from both government and industry sectors have a strong desire to collaborate on local foods initiatives. Although accessibility to local produce is good, delivery of these foods to schools can present challenges. Funding options must be examined if these programs are to remain sustainable. Conclusions: The Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public Schools allows for many opportunities for the collaboration between government and industry sectors on local foods programming in schools. The recommendations for future fruit and vegetable program planning will serve to enhance collaboration on, delivery of, and sustainability of these initiatives.
Nutrition , Human nutrition , Nova Scotia , Evaluation , School children