Pinterest as a Resource for Health Information on Learning Disabilities (LD): A Social Media Content Analysis

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Heymann, Carlotta
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Mount Saint Vincent University
In the last decade, there has been a shift towards using online social networks to search for and consume health information. Pinterest, a social media platform that is frequently used by parents and teachers, provides a virtual environment where health information can be communicated and shared among users through images. Learning Disabilities constitutes the largest field of Special Education in North America, yet no study thus far has explored the accuracy of Learning Disabilities-related content on Pinterest. This study examined how information about Learning Disabilities is presented on Pinterest. Results indicated that there is a vast amount of Learning Disability content on Pinterest, although users have to sift through many irrelevant pins when using this platform to search for information about Learning Disabilities. Infographics were, by far, the most used visual communication tool to present Learning Disability content. Furthermore, the findings showed that a large majority of the Learning Disability information on Pinterest in scientifically valid, suggesting that Pinterest is a good source of information for LDs. These findings, along with possibilities for future research, and practical implications for health care providers are discussed.
Pintrest, social media, learning disability