Social-Emotional Predictors of Teacher Well-Being

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Barber, Christopher
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Mount Saint Vincent University
There is a paucity of research examining teachers’ emotional experiences within the classroom and whether these experiences relate to their health. Using a novel approach to measuring emotion that considered a broad range and frequency of teachers’ positive and negative emotional experiences, the objective of the present study was to examine how teachers’ emotions relate to their perceptions of collegial social support and mental health. Survey data from 60 teachers in an Atlantic Canadian province were collected. Results indicated that teachers’ emotional load was not related to perceptions of social support. Additionally, there was no relation between negative emotional load and mental health, and positive emotional load was not found to moderate this relation. These findings suggest that teachers’ emotional experiences within the classroom context may not be as much of a burden on their mental health as previously anticipated, and that workplace or personal factors outside of the classroom could better linearly predict teachers’ low levels of self-reported mental health. Implications for further research are discussed.
emotional experience, educators, classroom