Through the looking glass and into the classroom: A narrative inquiry into student-to-teacher experiences of becoming and in-betweenness

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Seselja, Diana
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Mount Saint Vincent University
The purpose of the present study is to inquire into the experience and knowledge of preservice teachers in a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program using a narrative inquiry research methodology. This study explores experiences of two B.Ed. student participants, Tom and Carly, in addition to references to my own experience in the teacher education program. Through a narrative inquiry approach, each participant shares their stories in semi-structured interviews involving open-ended and guided questions on their experiences in deciding and becoming a teacher. The main research question asks about stories of in-betweenness of participants’ experiences as they are educating themselves to become teachers. Subsequent questions explore experiences in the decision to teach and to enter teacher education; whether significant others influenced their decision or their continuous pursuit, and who these people are; and, how the image of a teacher and their role change after a practicum experience. The significance of this study may help inform those who are influential and engaged in the education of these individuals who decide to teach.
Student-to-teacher experiences, preservice teachers