Interprofessional Training in an Education Context

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Fainstein, David
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Interprofessional education occurs when two or more groups of professionals learn with, from, and about one another. The vast majority of the research on interprofessional education has occurred in medicine. In a medical context, the objectives of interprofessional education are to improve professional collaboration and the quality of care. Medicine is not the only discipline where interprofessional education is important. In education, professionals need to collaborate, consult, and communicate with other professionals on a daily basis with a goal of improving the quality of education for students. In order to build on the small amount of interprofessional education research in an education context, past research has been reviewed and applied to a new context. The current thesis develops a theoretically driven workshop for preservice teachers and school psychologists with the objective of developing an interprofessional understanding and proposes a method for pilot testing of this workshop.
Interprofessional education , School psychologists , Preservice teachers