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    Reform and "Being True to Oneself": Pedagogy, Professional Practice, and the Promotional Process
    (1996) Cole, Ardra; Knowles, Gary
    Drawing on one educator's experiences as a beginning professor, the article discusses the prospects of teacher education reform and beginning teachers as change agents, commenting on values conflicts within schools of education and between them and broader university communities, politics of epistemology, and reward structures in schools of education. (SM)
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    Call and response: The importance of “telling truth slant.
    (Learning Landscapes, 2011) Cole, Ardra; Knowles, Gary
    Funding agencies are restructuring programs, rewriting priorities, and restating accountability demands all founded on the very basic point that research funded by public tax dollars must be relevant and accountable to diverse publics. This new wave of accountability challenges researchers to “translate” and “mobilize” knowledge so that research is understood by those publics and makes a difference in people’s lives. While goals of research accessibility are laudable, we argue that researchers’ goals need not be focused on finding better ways to translate knowledge for public consumption. Rather, the time has come for inquiry to be more about actively engaging people in meaning making. As a community of researchers with long-standing commitment to using the arts in research as a vehicle for engagement, this is an opportunity for us to provide leadership in this area.
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    Love stories about caregiving and Alzheimer's disease: a performative methodology
    (2008) McIntyre, M; Cole, Ardra
    Love Stories is a spoken-word performance created from data gathered from family caregivers about their experiences of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease. We present the Love Stories script with an accompanying methodological commentary and put forward a framework of 'Loving Research' based on a model of dementia care proposed by the late Tom Kitwood. Kitwood proposed a five-part model of psychological needs of people with dementia centred on the fundamental and universal human yearning for love. Loving care brings to the person with dementia opportunities for attachment, identity, inclusion, occupation and comfort. Loving Research, we argue, brings these same qualities to readers, viewers and research participants.
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    Living in Paradox: Metaphors of Conflict and Contradiction in the Academy
    (2010) Cole, Ardra
    ABSTRACT The article offers information on the art installations which represent the experiences of teacher educators on the paradox of the academy. It mentions the use of graphic language to construct images or metaphors to represent elements of their experiences and idiosyncratic complexities. Meanwhile, the personal and professional sacrifices of the educators to stay in the academy to make a difference reduce their commitment to their families and result to less salary with little or no job security.